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Boundary Scan is a method of testing PCB's utilizing dedictaed test cells built into many of today's integrated circuits.

This can allow in-circuit tests even if there is no physical access to the device pins (e.g. BGA to BGA direct connections).

Additionally performing these types of tests in conjunction with Flying Probe or Bed of Nails testing can provide optimized cycle times, coverage and failure diagnostics.


At Flying Test we have been working with this technology for many years and have an excellent grasp of it's added value.



We can support the integegration of Boundary Scan technology on Flying Probe, Bed of Nails and Functional Testers utilising hardware and software from XJTAG, Geopel Electronics and JTAG Technologies.



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Boundary Scan (IEEE 1149.X) Basic concepts

BoundaryScanICBasics BoundaryScanICBasics2