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Bone Pile

Does this sound familiar? 

You have your Circuit boards manufactured and "functionally" tested. A certain percentage of those boards fail the functional test and are "put aside for debug". Volumes increase, the test department gets busy and more faulty boards are "put aside". Eventually, someone notices a large bag/shelf/crate/room of "possibly faulty" boards.


What do you do with those boards?

There's little point in testing them again, they will simply fail again - or maybe not, which is even worse! What you need is someone who can go back to basics and test the boards from the ground up - from simple component tests all the way through to a complete specification-based functional test.

What we provide.  

Send us your bone-pile and your design data (CAD, Schematics, BoM) and we can provide you with detailed reports on faults found for you to repair. Alternatively, if a repair is possible our IPC-certified technicians can repair and we will return working boards to you to use in your production process. 

Turn your bone-pile into a profitable product today !

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