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Test Solutions 

NPI & Prototype Testing

Do you have the challenge of NPI and Prototype Product builds ? Do you need to test the initial variants of your product range in a short timescale to bring your products to market more quickly and reduce the amount of time your development team spends debugging manufacturing defects ? 


Our solutions can be configured with a range of different capabilities to suit your needs, from ICT through to device programming.

Production Test - Low/Medium Volume

Do you produce multiple products in small batches and need the flexibility to move easily and economically between products ?


If this is your primary challenge, then we can work with you to determine the optimal test solution for your rapidly moving business.

4050 plus Inverter.jpg

Production Test - High Volume

Do you produce high volumes of products and need the the flexibility to scale production up and down rapidly yet still test your products comprehensively ? 


Using our consultative technical approach, we will work with and challenge you to consider what your business needs and help you define your production test strategy.

3030 TC 300 - Twin InLine Test Cell LEAR 01.jpg

Diagnostic & Repair Centre

Do you have multiple product ranges with field returns that could be repaired rather than discarded ? Do you have long term commitments to your customers to provide spares that can be managed though a return and repair process rather than investing in new stock ?


We've provided solutions to Customers working in multiple sectors enabling them implement successful Diagnostic & Repair centres and understand the unique challenges that are inherent with  this type of facility. 

3030 Doubleside fixture.jpg
We have it "nailed" ! High Volume ICT testing at its best.
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