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New Product Introduction (NPI) & Prototype 

Introducing a new product has many challenges, but one of these does not have to be testing.

Once a layout has been approved and prototype PCBs have been assembled, Design Verification Testing must be performed. But, before this critical stage, you must be certain that your prototypes have been assembled correctly.  Typically with a SPEA Flying Probe Test System at its core to deliver full In-circuit Test (ICT)  we can help you implement a proactive, flexible, rapid in-house test capability which will deliver on your NPI needs. Utilising a variety of test techniques, it is possible to validate product build quality at the following levels:

  • Shorts Testing based on Nodal Impedance

  • Opens - including IC pins

  • Component value

  • Laser measurement

  • Optical Inspection (AOI)

  • LED Test - colour and intensity

  • Power On

  • Device Functionality 


Depending on your exact requirements, we can work with you to determine whether additional capabilities need to be integrated in the core system - such as XJTAG Boundary Scan, device programming or PCB level functional test. 


Furthermore, once the NPI and Prototypes are realised, the in-house test solution is available for production testing.

Call us to discuss your needs and leverage our understanding of test. 

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