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Electronic Wires

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Introducing a new product has many challenges, but one of these does not have to be testing. 

Using our Test facility in Saunderton, we can provide a dedicated NPI test service that can dramatically reduce the Time To Market of your new product by eliminating the frustrating manual task of fault finding fast tracked assemblies.

Typically with a SPEA Flying Probe Test System at its core to perform full In-circuit Test (ICT),  we can implement a proactive, flexible, rapid test capability which will deliver on your NPI needs. Utilising a variety of test techniques, it is possible to validate product build quality at the following levels:

  • Shorts Testing based on Nodal Impedance

  • Opens - including IC pins

  • Component value

  • Laser measurement

  • Optical Inspection (AOI)

  • Power On

  • Device Functionality 

Depending on your exact requirements, we can work with you to determine what if additional capabilities are needed - whether that is XJTAG Boundary Scan, device programming or  PCB functional testing.

To deliver this service, which can take as little as 5 working days, we will need CAD data (preferably ODB++) Schematics & a BoM - but even if you don't have this full suite of data, talk to us to see what might be possible. 

What you will receive is : 

  • working PCB's - reworked by our IPC trained technicians

  • a Test report detailing all work undertaken to get the PCB's working

  • a detailed Test Coverage Report

  • if required a detailed report for each PCB confirming the exact test parameters used and the detailed test results by component. 

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