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Production Test - High volume

High volume manufacture has traditionally meant building 1 or 2 products where the design is stable for a the product life.  However in today's more demanding market, products and product ranges remain constant albeit with slight variations, revisions and upgrades to meet the demands of customers and to maintain market share.  


In this environment, test solutions need to be flexible, versatile, highly scalable, cost-effective, and reliable. 


Balancing these needs can be challenging and costly. However, you can be sure that many of the challenges you face are ones that we have already experienced working with our diverse clients who operate across a broad spectrum of sectors. Our approach is to understand your needs and then select from a portfolio of capabilities that includes: 

  • SPEA ICT Flying Probe & Bed of Nails (BoN) systems

  • Boundary Scan capability from XJTAG 

  • FTSL developed LabView functional test techniques and hardware

  • Integration into shop floor data capture systems

  • Automation & handling

  • Industry 4.0

If you have a requirement that we've not come across before we'll work with you to identify the most appropriate test solution.

Call us to discuss your  needs and leverage off our understanding of test. 

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