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Diagnostic & Repair Centre

Nothing lasts forever!

It is an inevitable part of a product's lifecycle that things will break (or be broken) and will need to be replaced. With the world now focussed on the environmental impacts of everything we do, and as Governments introduce legislation to require the right to have a product repaired rather than throw it away,  the role of the diagnostic and repair centre has become more critical. 

There are a myriad of challenges facing the Diagnostic & Repair Centre model, but amongst the most common are :

  • lack of product data 

  • a technically competent workforce 

  • multiple product versions

  • using production test solutions rather than a dedicated diagnostic tool to repair failures

  • repairing legacy product on legacy (unsupported) test systems

Whether you manage this process internally or a business aimed at providing this service to multiple customers, we can work with you to determine the most appropriate solution to the challenges listed above using one or more of the following : 

  • SPEA ICT Flying Probe & Bed of Nails (BoN) systems

  • Boundary Scan capability from XJTAG 

  • FTSL developed LabView functional test techniques and hardware

  • Integration into shop floor data capture systems

  • Automation & handling


Call us to discuss your needs and leverage our understanding of PCB diagnostics & repair.  

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