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Test Services 

FTSL offers a comprehensive range of services to assist with PCB & Product Testing. Outlined below are the key services that we offer - but every Customer is unique,  so please call us to discuss your specific needs. 

New Product Introduction (NPI)

One of the most frustrating and time consuming problems during product development is having to debug manufacturing defects on NPI builds. We can provide you with tested product so less time is spent investigating manufacturing defects and more time is spent debugging the product design.


Bone Pile

Do you have working capital tied up in PCB's that don't work ? 

Find out how we can help you put this product back into your supply chain. 


Security Validation

Do you need to validate your Supply Chain has not introduced product security or integrity issues during the manufacturing process ?


Production Test

For Customers who prefer not to invest in their own in-house production test capability, we can offer Production Test Services at our facility in Saunderton.


Ethical Reverse Engineering

Do you have PCBs where you have lost the original data ? Has your data been corrupted ? If so, and providing you can prove you have the legal right to have this information, we can assist you with the Reverse Engineering of your PCBs.


Field Returns

Understanding and managing your Field Returns can be a valuable resource in next generation product design, as well as ensuring that valuable stock is not tied up unnecessarily. 


Legacy Products

With increasing product life-cycles, support of legacy PCB’s can be an expensive headache due to the low volumes, ageing or obsolete test equipment and little or no documentation. 

Testing the Limits 
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