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Fixture & Jigs

SPEA Bed of Nails (ICT)

We can provide test fixtures for all SPEA PCB test platforms from conventional Bed of Nails fixtures through to multi-height and dual test area.

Flying Probe Fixtures

If multiple products in small batch sizes with the flexibility to move easily and economically between products is your key challenge, then we can work with you to define the optimal test solution for your business.

Functional Test Fixtures

Sometimes a bespoke, standalone Test Jig is required. Working with our Customers at varying stages of their development cycle, we can help you design a Test Jig that will best meet your needs and then bring that design to life.


Boundary Scan Fixtures

Do you have multiple product ranges with field returns that could be repaired rather than discarded ? Do you have long term commitments to your customers to provide spares that can be managed though a return and repair process rather than investing in new stock ? We have worked with customers in both the industrial, medical and military sectors to implement successful repair centres and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you.

3030 Doubleside fixture.jpg
We have it "nailed" ICT testing at its best
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